This bugs bunny vine and some dirty south songs I listened to today have inspired me to try making music again


How Producers Be in the Studio when they feeling they self


mickey avalon? on my dash?

motherfucker call the center for disease control ain’t nobody want ur pestilence

if u look at my blog in 2011 I will block u and delete u also maybe kill you and send u a bag of flaming boo boo not that there’s anything bad there maybe some Harry potter or something but still I hate my past in general

shawty is a a 10/the shit



I am weak to this..

Big butch.
Big muscles.
Pretty girl.
Bad boy.
Beat your ass.
Check my nails for chips.

also last night while those trans children were getting harassed I realized I need to start going to the gym and hitting up that punching bag because the transphobia and transmisogyny are real

I’m growing my nails and painting them so I can fight fabulously and dirty