if i cant sleep im gonna have to like drink coffee or smoke crack in the morning so i can drive


i’ve always had a thing for ginger boys

and there you were

flinging yourself at me 

as if i myself 

was the bottom of the cliff i desperately yearned to dive into

but i knew you were trouble

when i had to pretend 

jokes are not jokes

but needles in my skin

jabbed mercilessly into the nape of my neck

I’m sorry i take pills

and i’m sorry i couldn’t love myself

and now i’ve grown

sideways maybe

not upwards 

in a new place without you


so many things feel so crappy like i should do what those corny ass humans of new york idealists suggest and drop all my responsibilities and use magic money and resources so i can travel oversees with only a backpack full of luna bars

i forget i’m actually a decent poet

i have to wake up at 4 and drive 9 hours 

none gf with left feel

I’m done with finals for summer session 1 now i get to enjoy my three day break until I have to come back to slam my head against a desk for another six weeks. Woop.


why cant horror movies have more psychological horror instead of just jumpscares and people being thrown by forces like the fear of the unkwown is better then anhything else

tbh my biggest fear is some white dude chopping me up for little to no reason thats why i watch slasher movies

the other day i made a post about poppung my pussy for emile durkheim but i changed my mind i’m popping it for max weber


Ok so I’ve done most of my work and I think i can chill cause it’s not that bad