I love James Blake so much ;~;

Seen a bitch wearing fake BOBS (fake TOMS) them shits said FRED



Who gives a shit what the hell kind of shit is this?

why u reblog it den u dork this humor fa tha real playas on tha dash u just got a ticket to da block zone lol sike na im mobile but u needa loosen up u jive turkey

I can’t remember the last time I cried so it must have been a few days ago or not that important, that’s a good sign!


I am in awe of my own bone structure..

Mostly I’m just concerned about making people happy

conradtao I never listened to jack’s mannequin I’m not gay but ok just because I love you

I’m listening to MakeDamnSure

oh he gettin that

I hate NPH so much like more than boo boo stains on the toilet bowl